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About Simon Giftcards®

Simon offers more choices when it comes to Giftcards.  We offer both American Express and Visa® Simon Giftcards®.  Both are prepaid Giftcards that can be used anywhere those brands are accepted in the United States.  

As the gift recipient uses the card, the amount of the purchase is automatically deducted from the card's available balance. When the available balance is reduced to zero, the gift recipient can keep the card as a memento of your gift. If the card is lost or stolen with a balance remaining, the gift recipient can cancel the card and order a replacement. See Terms and Conditions for further details.

How much does it cost? The total cost is the amount you choose to give — from $20 to $500 per card , plus purchase, processing and shipping charges. Fees vary based on the quantity purchased, shipping method selected and the state / zip code you are shipping to.

You will receive your Giftcard order within three to seven business days after the order is paid for. We will communicate the date that your Giftcards activate through an e-mail when your order is processed. Upon activation, your Simon Giftcards are ready to use.

Retailer Gift Cards

You can now tailor your incentives and rewards program to include the best brand gift card products to match the diverse needs of your employees, partners and customers. Trust Simon’s team of gift and reward experts to make ordering easy.

    • The American Express Simon Giftcard:
      • No monthly administrative fees after purchase
      • No fee to replace a lost/stolen card
      • Funds do not expire (plastic does)
      • No fee to replace an expired card
      • Good where American Express Cards are accepted in the US
    • The Visa® Rewardcard®:
      • $3.95 monthly administrative fee beginning with the 13th month from the month of card issuance.
      • $15 fee to replace a lost or stolen card
      • Card expires 2 years after issuance
      • Good anywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted world wide
    • Retailer Gift Cards:
      • No purchase fees
      • Flexibility to target your incentive by giving a popular brand card
      • See each Card for specific terms & conditions

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