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  • Simon Youth Foundation

Our Mission
The mission of Simon Youth Foundation (SYF) is to foster and improve educational opportunities, career development, and life skills for at-risk youth through focused programs and initiatives with our public school partners. To achieve our mission, SYF has two primary programs that it focuses its time and resources on.

Education Resource Centers
Education Resource Centers (ERCs) are alternative schools for at-risk youth who wish to earn their high school diploma. Many of the ERCs are built in Simon malls, with the objective of providing alternative education for at-risk youth.

An ERC provides an environment where students with special needs or additional personal responsibilities, such as balancing school, work and family, can attend and receive their high school diplomas.

Recognizing the importance of secondary education, SYF offers financial assistance awards to help meet the needs of graduating high school seniors in communities that host Simon malls, and ERC seniors.

Our Values:

We will act with the highest ethical standards.
We believe knowledge is fundamental to success.
We will provide meaningful options for youth development.
We will continuously improve to best serve youth.
We believe our future is dependent on the success of our children.
We will set the example for those who follow.
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